Babur x MasterChef UK finalist Anurag Aggarwal create a rainbow-hued Holi menu

South London’s Babur, is collaborating with MasterChef UK 2023 finalist Anurag Aggarwal to create a spectrum of colour and spice this Holi season, launching with a one-off dining event.

On Monday 25th March, Chef Anurag will join Babur’s kitchen team to mark the annual Hindu Festival of Colours with an immersive experience of colours & storytelling.

Curated collaboratively by Babur’s Executive Chef Jiwan Lal and Anurag, the five-course Rang (meaning ‘colour’) tasting menu uses each course to signify a different colour.   

An opening dish of Faldhari Chaat represents a rainbow through its caramelised seasonal fresh fruits on crisp, flaky pastry with mint & tamarind chutney, drizzled with sweetened yogurt and pops of pomegranate.

Meanwhile, a collaboration of white & blue makes up the second Tiger Prawn course, with pan-fried masala prawns on blue corn thepla, with coconut chutney, tempered spiced peanuts, garlic, curry leaves & mustard seed oil.

Each of the remaining courses, designed to represent brown (Methi Chicken), green (Lamb Gunjia)and red (Thandai Kulfi), brings its own character and distinctive flavour profile to the plate.

Each dish will be matched with a wine designed to bring out its very best, whilst the fun, festival atmosphere gets amplified with live performances from Bollywood Vibes dance group, drinks on arrival and more.

Tickets for Babur’s Holi event cost £70 per person and tables can be reserved for £10 per person via this reservation link:

The limited edition Rang Holi Tasting Menu will be available alongside Babur’s standard A La Carte menu from 25th March until 31st March for £49.95 per person.


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Rang (Colour)

5-course tasting menu inspired by Holi (Festival of colours)

Holi is all about celebration of colours and it provide us an opportunity to appreciate diversity around us with the underlying oneness. In Indian culture, each colour represents a different emotion. This is captured via this menu, where each course carries this visual & philosophical feel of a colour. Enjoy this immersive experience of colours & story telling.

First Course

Faldhari Chaat (Rainbow)

Caramelized seasonal fresh fruits, crisp flaky pastry with mint & tamarind chutney, drizzled sweetened  yogurt, pomegranate, gram flour vermicelli

Second Course

Tiger Prawn (White & blue)

Pan fried masala prawns on blue corn thepla (flat bread) with coconut chutney, tempered spiced peanuts, garlic, curry leaves & mustard seeds oil.

(Veg option: Rasam spiced cauliflower)

Third Course

Methi Chicken (Brown)

Organic chicken thigh, spiced aloo methi ki subzi, bedmi poori (lentil puffed bread), mango chutney, pickled chilies

(Veg option: Methi Paneer)

Fourth Course

Lamb Gunjia (Green)

Spiced pulled sweetened lamb shoulder with fig & apricot, wrapped in moon shaped filo pastry, crushed mint peas, drizzled turmeric yogurt, fresh dill

(Veg option: Jackfruit)

Fifth course

Thandai Kulfi (Red)

Sweet spiced nutty Indian milk ice cream , boondi crumble , paan leaf gel, heritage carrot halwa, silver leaf , dried rose petals