Nestled towards the residential area of South Kensington and surrounded by the traditional stucco-fronted houses, K Bar is ready to woo its customers with the new Reflections menu.

The K Bar has been on my to-visit list ever since I attended their neighbouring Drawing Room for a very fine afternoon tea, twice. The theme then was Around the World in 80 Days and I thoroughly enjoyed both chapters.

Now I believe it’s all about high fashion tea, inspired by the Coco Chanel exhibition nearby. The K Bar is completely different in character though from its neighbouring tearoom in elegant beige.

It’s an evening style with darker tones of the oak panels, polished brass accents, a stunning green marble bar and reflective antique mirrored tabletops. Hence, the name of the new menu – Reflections.

Presented in a reflective jewel-box the menu has to be read from the reflection in the mirror, which once you get used to looking at the lid’s interior mirror is actually a fun and engaging experience.

As far as the cocktails go the selection is impressive too, overwhelmed by the appeal of the options, both my guest and I struggle to make a decision.

I’m particularly drawn to at least five of them featuring ube, verbena, kumquat, wasabi bitter and nori, all of which I want to try. But ube wins so I order Gibbous.

It arrives resembling a Cosmopolitan a little bit but it’s tequila based, Casamigos Reposado tequila to be exact so you get an alcohol kick from tequila with Empirical The Plum of course as well.

It’s smooth with a fresh plum fruitiness and a little umami – from the koji, I’m guessing? Ube and mango adding more flavour layers.

My guest with his preference for strong cocktails settles for Caoba, a Barrel-Aged, Equiano Original Rum with pear and bitters.

It’s well polished and smooth with lingering pear and a fermented crabapple proudly sitting on a rather sophisticated cube of ice. The ice is meticulously carved to perfection, displaying high clarity and even featuring the bar’s branded “K” imprint on top.

We soon proceed to our next choice. Parca for me, it’s very pleasant and light. Some may even get fooled that it’s alcohol free. The only giving away factor is the subtle smokiness from The Lost Explorer Mezcal Espadin.

You can easily drink a few of these clay pots. It’s sweet but not overwhelming with lingering herbal undertones of Chartreuse (historic herb-based French spirit made by monks).

It comes with my favourite kumquat, sliced in half and dipped in dark chocolate. A tasty snack once the cocktail is finished.

There is also truffle on the cocktails menu, something you don’t see everyday so of course we had to order that too.

Under the name of Me, Myself and I comes Eagle Rare 10 yo Bourbon, basil, truffle and Absinthe, an incredibly complex cocktail with plenty of flavour and aroma levels. It pairs amazingly with creamy wild mushroom arancini.

For those not liking anise, myself included, I should mention it’s hardly there. It smells of fresh cut grass with truffle and present bourbon on the tongue.

The presentation is also a work of art – a striking black coupe with bright green dusted side and a crystal-clear round ice cube, creating an aesthetic that’s truly admirable.

It’s not just about the flavours though, each cocktail has a story behind its creation with many infusers and extracts made in house. 

It’s a truly splendid experience, especially for those who are curious or indecisive when it comes to choosing a cocktail. The staff are more than eager to assist and impart their knowledge of origins and processes.

For example Panthalassa is a cocktail that channels the spirit of the vast ocean that once enveloped the supercontinent of Pangea.

Herbal tones of Botanist Gin melt with warming Darjeeling, whilst the sweetness of violet and stone fruits is complemented with a touch of spirulina. It’s a mesmerising blue elixir adorned with butterflies encased in ice.

While The K Bar is not the cheapest of the bars out there, quite the contrary, cocktails go for a £19-23, it a sophisticated destination for guests to enjoy innovative cocktails with infrequent ingredients.

The K Bar, 109-113 Queen’s Gate South Kensington, SW7 5LP