Carluccio’s all-new, nationwide Dine at Home kits are bringing a taste of Italy to kitchens across the nation.

Each kit features Carluccio’s signature best-selling dishes. There are three to choose from: the classic Penne

Giardiniera with antipasti of homemade focaccia and olives; The Caserecce picante, a spicy tomato

pasta with Italian sausage, plus focaccia with nduja and burrata; and, for The Funghi featuring a creamy

mushroom soup and Carluccio’s classic mushroom risotto.

Bolt-ons include wines from the online cellar, starting from just £12.50, and Italian larder items such as

Carluccio’s White Truffle Olive Oil (£7.95) or Porcini Extra Virgin Olive Oil (£6.95) – the perfect drizzle

over pasta and risotto. And, for an after dinner treat with your caffè, add Carluccio’s perenially popular,

melt-in-the-mouth Gianduja hazelnut chocolates £5.95).

Each kit comes packaged in a Carluccio’s gift hamper and ribbon with easy- to-follow

instructions and menu cards, making them an ideal gift as well as a special at home supper.

The Dine at Home kits offer good value, starting from £29 for two*, and available for two or four people.

Menus can be ordered from by 9am Monday to receive your kit on Friday, just in

time for the weekend.

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Penne Gardiniere & Funghi Kits: £29 for two-person kit. £48 for 4 people

Caserecce Kit: £30 for two-person kit. £55 for 4 people

Delivery – Order by 11:59pm Monday for delivery on the Friday