Axia Spirit, an extra-dry mastiha spirit from Greece, is inviting guests to Brother Marcus restaurants in London to enjoy MALIN+GOETZ limited-edition White Bergamot Negronis.

The Axia based negronis are available exclusively in February 2024 at Brother Marcus restaurants across London. To top it up with every cocktail MALIN+GOETZ are providing luxury samples of their bergamot candle collection as a special treat.

Bergamot has been a MALIN+GOETZ staple for over 20 years, chosen by the founders as one of the brand’s first scents for its most genderless quality, universal appeal + functional properties.

The fresh apothecary classic is a customer – favourite and used for all the ways they live. Whether it’s in the vitamin b5 body moisturiser, the deodorants, body washes or eau de parfum.

Timeless and sophisticated, the scent does more than brighten a room, it is also known to boost your mood.

Blooming during the winter months of southern Italy, bergamot is known for its uplifting and energising attributes for the mind and body.

The sharp bitterness of the bergamot is balanced by an underlying floral aroma from orange trees, making it the easiest scent to layer from head to toe.

About Axia

The first of its kind, Axia is an extra-dry and refreshing mastiha. Pronounced Mas – teek – ah, it is a spirit distilled from the resin of the Mastiha tree, found on the Greek island of Chios. 

Axia is a new and exciting addition to the white spirits category. It is a versatile spirit with an authentic flavour profile with vibrant citrus and vegetal notes. 

Axia is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a base in all your favourite go-to cocktails. 

Axia and MALIN+GOETZ come to light together at Greek inspired Brother Marcus.

Brother Marcus is inspired by the flavours and recipes of the eastern Mediterranean to London.

Started by three friends Alex, Arthur and Tasos, Brother Marcus now has sites in Spitalfields market, Angel’s picturesque Camden Passage, Borough Yards and South Kensington.

Taking inspiration from Tasos’ cretan upbringing, Brother Marcus serves food from morning to night starting with brunch and coffee before moving into mediterranean inspired small plates, cocktails and wine, with a heavy emphasis on greek wines.

Using Tasos’ family recipes that have been passed down through generations, the dishes merge tradition with Brother Marcus’ fresh, seasonal and imaginative approach.