Southern BBQ expert and chef Brad McDonald of Shotgun restaurant has created a flavoursome treat for fans of the grill with the launch of a “Fiery Goat Burger with Feta Spread.” 

McDonald looked beyond the traditional beef patty for inspiration and created a reimagination of the classic cheeseburger by switching out the standard cheese and beef for smooth and creamy feta spread and meat of the moment – goat meat. It will be on sale from Shotgun’s rooftop pop-up at the Gardening Society within John Lewis, Oxford Street for one month as part of the TABASCO® Better BBQ campaign. 

Goat meat has risen in popularity this year thanks to its increase in availability from retailers, farmers’ markets and its appearance on the menus of high-end restaurants. It’s favoured due to its versatility and leanness as well as its nutritious properties; with less fat than beef, pork, lamb and chicken and it’s high in protein and iron, too. Further supermarkets are also expected to start selling it from this autumn in response to greater consumer demand. 

The addition of TABASCO® Sauce gives a kick of heat and flavour which brings out the great taste of this inventive burger. Finished with a roasted beefsteak tomato, red onion, cos lettuce and encased in a savoury brioche bun, it delivers a moreish food experience with every bite.

The recipe is part of the TABASCO® Better BBQ campaign and will be available from 2nd August from the Gardening Society at John Lewis for £11. Tickets are available from

You can download and create the Fiery Goat Burger with Feta Spread recipe here

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