Butifarra is a new take-away picanteria based on the mercados of Peru and named after a popular Peruvian street snack made of bread with slow-cooked meat and salsa.

The newly opened venue sources traditional sauces and authentic produce such as maiz morado (purple corn) and amarillo (yellow chilli).

Breakfast includes homemade granola and yoghurt, and a take on the bacon buttie that replaces the roll with hot, traditional South American Arepas, a bun made of ground maize dough. Butifarra’s own brand coffee and the selection of freshly squeezed juice including the chichi morada, a purple fruit juice made with corn.

Guests can tailor make the contents of their Butifarra crusty bread to their taste, choosing one of three fillings (beef short rib, slow cooked pork or chicken and chorizo) and one of the three traditional chilli based sauces(Anticucho, Pachamanca or Amarillo ketchup). There is also a breadless option.

Sea Bream ceviche -with choclo corn, sweet potato, red onion and tiger’s milk- is a refreshing main or a light starter to share, while their original’cevushi’ (sushi rolls filled with marinated fish) makes for a delicious snack. A vegan ceviche of Zarandajo Beans is also available.

Butifarra is located on 24 Rupert Street, Soho, London, W1D 6DQ. 

A fast, casual dining concept, it does not take reservations.

Open daily from8am-7pm a small seating area is also available.