Bright Courtyard Club, the authentic yet modern Chinese restaurant situated on London’s Baker Street is celebrating its fifth birthday by launching the’Wu Xing Five Elements Menu’.

Priced at £50 per person, this one-of a kind menu is available exclusively for the month of September (launching on the 1st of the month). The menu is based around the ancient Chinese philosophy of Wu Xing, the idea that the Five Chinese Elements (Metal, Earth, Water, Wood and Fire) can be used to explain everything from cosmic cycles to medicine and healing. Bright Courtyard Club has called upon this philosophy to create an exciting five course tasting menu where each dish represents one of the elements. 

The opening course represents’Metal’ and is a unique Gold leaf lobster and abalone dumpling paying homage to their best-selling dim sum. The next course is’Earth’ – a bowl of enrichening Yin Yang vegetable soup? After Earth, comes’Water’ and the Bright Courtyard Club speciality Garlic butter lobster tails.

The first of the remaining two courses is’Wood’, which comes in the form of Shanghai-style wood roasted pigeon an extra-special dish that showcases Bright Courtyard’s speciality in Shanghai cuisine. The fifth element is’Fire’, a Flaming dessert cocktail served with traditional Chinese biscuits.

Bright Courtyard Club has become well-known for its unique take on Chinese cuisine calling inspiration from its sister restaurant in Shanghai as well as the Cantonese regions.

  • Wu Xing Menu available from 1st Ã¢â‚¬â€œ 30th September
  • Five course set menu, £50