Brasserie Blanc’s spring menu has landed, packed with a new collection of innovative and adventurous dishes inspired by Raymond Blanc’s global travels.

From the delicate, fragrant flavours of Asia to the rich spices of Moroccan souks take a whistle-stop tour of some of Raymond’s favourite destinations. What’s more, and unusually for a French chef, the fresh menu also contains a selection of new vegan and vegetarian options.

New dishes to the arrivals board include Malabar Fish Curry with toasted coconut, Cod with preserved lemon and squid ink risotto, Lamb tagine and Vegetable summer rolls.

Each dish has a fascinating Raymond Blanc travel tale behind it, from typically Venetian morning meanderings around the Rialto Fish Market or blackened chicken on the Chilean street food scene, to some friendly barter-banter in Morocco ending with a threat of violence if he continued to haggle.

As well as being reminiscent of Raymond’s many winter breaks spent in South East Asia, the Vegetable Summer Rolls starter, with subtle fresh flavours of mint, avocado, cucumber and a citrus ginger and soy dipping sauce, also heads up a brand-new selection for vegans and vegetarians. 

Perhaps surprising from a French restaurant – where meat, butter and cream are often regarded as the cuisine’s foundations – Brasserie Blanc has created a collection of vegan dishes where vegetables take centre stage including: Hearty vegan chilli pie; Pea, broad bean and red pepper salad; Butternut squash with citrus bulgur wheat salad; and coconut rice with fresh mango.

The grown-up veggie options may be free of meat, but they’re full of flavour having been given the Brasserie Blanc treatment of offering simple, but refined dishes created with classic French cooking techniques, using the very best ingredients and prepared to a hgh standard. 

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