Byron’s brand new recipe sets a new standard of burger just when perhaps we are getting burger-bored

mcith_Screenshot%202018-11-17%20at%2012.After 11 years Byron have decided the time is right to go back to its core and totally reinvent their burger recipe.

The new burger, which launches this month across Byron’s UK restaurants, is the result of a quest taking in months of recipe development, preceded by a trip across the Atlantic.

Earlier this year, a team from Byron set out on a Stateside journey  travelling from west coast to east and dining at 150 burger restaurants.

What they discovered was the best burgers they tasted were served simply, with high-quality cuts of meat, blended to perfection. 

So, back in the UK the quest for perfection saw Byron create almost 2,000 different blends of 100% beef, with variations on the age of the meat, the fat content and even the shape of the patty. And, after cooking over 3,500 patties, they were tasted by over 1,000 people, over 800 of which were Byron’s customers.

The new Byron burger is made of a unique blend of chuck, brisket and rib cap.  The addition of rib cap – a more expensive cut – adds to the juiciness and brings with it a meaty umami flavour.

But it’s not just the patty that’s changed – the perfect burger isn’t complete without a perfect bun, and the recipe for Byron’s new bun has been designed specifically to complement the new burger – it’s sweeter and softer, with a, malty flavour that’s reminiscent of craft beer, a mainstay of the Byron drinks offer.

Byron’s new menu also brings with it a couple of new burgers to the table; the classic BBQ and chicken BBQ; 100% British beef or Buttermilk-fried chicken breast, mature cheddar, BBQ sauce, beer onions, crispy onions and American mustard.