Chop Chop by Four Seasons, the casual Chinese restaurant located on the lower ground floor of the Hippodrome Casino, turned 1 year this October.

Foodepedia went to celebrate and of course try the new additions to the menu. So what has changed since I visited earlier this year?

Quite a few things, Chop Chop has certainly been busy adding new dishes such as steamed fluffy buns with Spicy beef & sweet potato noodles and Char Siu barbecue chicken, plus new dumplings with prawn and sweetcorn.

They have also added desserts in addition to the ice lollies they already served. The desserts are prepared in collaboration with the acclaimed Japanese patisserie Sakurado. There are three to choose from – vanilla custard filled choux bun, yuzu cheesecake and the brand’s signature pistachio mille crepe cake.

Last, but not least, to celebrate the birthday there’s also now a cocktails book filled with the classics, but with a twist such as Popping Pornstar Martini with prosecco boba, Pandan Banana Old Fashioned and gin based Jasmine Botanical Tea to name a few.

Torn between the choices, especially when I learned the latte is served in a beautiful teapot, I eventually choose a Popping Pornstar Martini.

It’s served as expected in a martini glass and although it’s on the sweeter side you don’t get that contrasting sour shock when you sip on the prosecco shot, thanks to the nicely sweetened strawberry bobba in it.

We sip our cocktails and slowly work through the menu. Everything sounds appealing. My guest is the same guest that came with me last time by the way. She loved it so much last time she was first in line to be my plus one for this visit.

For starters she prompts me to order fried squid because well firstly, we just liked it too much last time. Secondly, one has to examine if there’s any variability or discrepancy in the dish, for the review purposes of course.

There isn’t, it’s just as crispy and perfectly tender inside as it was before. Next to try is of course the new fluffy Char siu barbecue chicken buns and prawn sweetcorn dumplings.

We decide to go for the steamed mixed platter, we get to choose 2 buns and 3 different flavours of dim sums.

Each flavour comes in a set of 3 dim sums, which is great because it allows diners to try a few from the menu without filling up too much.

But three means you can’t split equally so you are in a bit of a pickle. We end up fighting slightly for the last dim sums. How could you not?

All three prawn variations come filled with plenty of quality pieces of tender prawn wrapped in thin layer of perfectly steamed slightly chewy dough. These ones are also tinted in delicate pastel colours.

I eat with my eyes so it’s especially hard for me to pick a favourite. After the sharing match we progress to the mains – steamed garlic prawns with rice noodles, seafood special fried rice and garlic morning glory for something green.

Although it’s only four, the prawns are gigantic and rather meaty. The plate sits next to my guest and the table is quite wide but even I can smell quantities of the minced garlic on top.

We both love garlic so it’s the dish to have but also, readers have been warned in case it’s a date night you absolutely must share. The mains are indeed made for sharing, portions are generous and designed for flavour patterns to compliment each other.

Like the morning glory, it may look simple, like somewhat oversized spinach leaves, but it’s made to perfection – bight green, retaining all the vitamins with a light crunch and plenty of fresh garlic.

Drizzled in light soy sauce it’s bursting with umami flavour and slight saltiness making it a great pairing for the mild seafood fried rice. That’s what makes Chop Chop stand out from the crowd for me.

Without sounding like an advert, we tried a fair share of dishes and none of them clash flavour wise and especially at salt level, instead they compliment. Does it sound familiar, that untameable thirst after a certain type of dinner? That’s not the case here.

We complete our meal with desserts. The choux is petite and fluffy with feather like pattern, which disappears within seconds from a plate barely giving me enough time to take a picture.

I don’t get a bite but my guest says it’s divine, and she’s picky when it comes to desserts, crisp coating, airy dough inside with smooth hint of custard filling. Not overpoweringly sweet either.

I’m also pleased with my dessert – yuzu cheesecake, zesty and very light with prominent yuzu notes. Unlike the choux is a much larger portion so I do struggle. And already with half of our mains in takeaway boxes it’s time to head home.

Although the portions are generous Chop Chop is also very solo diner friendly with it’s Signature Meats. It’s a complete dinner with rice or noodle soup and a selection of up to three meats at only £20.

As far as Chinese restaurants go this was and remains my definite favorite for ambience, impeccable service, location, dishes and price.

Whether you are getting together with friends pre Christmas dinner or just passing by Leicester Square this is a perfect opportunity to visit. Grab your umbrella and chop chop to Chop Chop.

Chop Chop by Four Seasons, Hippodrome, Cranbourn Street, London WC2H 7JH