The Microplane®  Professional XL Peeler is a beast in the kitchen

Do you remember those orange twine-handled potato peelers that were completely useless? We all had one for some reason. My father though scorned them, ex Navy, would use a very sharp knife and could cut one continuous thin strip of peel from a potato. It was quite a skill, one he said he had learned on many punishment details on board ship.

Today the Y-shaped pivoting ‘drag’ peeler rules. These are simple and effective and thus hard to improve on, but that hasn’t stopped Microplane®.

The Professional XL Peeler is designed for bigger jobs like pumpkins, sweet potatoes and melons, amongst others. The super sharp blade is about 10 cm across with a large gap between the blades to allow thick skins to pass through without clogging,

You get a good grip with the big handle thanks to its rubberised soft touch coating and that’s very handy when dealing with larger  objects that can otherwise be a handful.

It’s not all about peeling though, the XL is also excellent for shredding cabbages and lettuces for coleslaw and salads. Much quicker than a box grater and far easier to clean after, just use a running tap.

Being Microplane® it’s very well made and you’ll be happily using it for years to come. That’s the appeal (sic) of all Microplane®  kit. Available on Amazon, Lakeland, Nisbets

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