Montezuma’s Britain’s chocolate company is expanding its chocolate bar range to include more vegan, gluten-free, keto, sugar free and organic options.

It’s chocolate season so this is the perfect time to talk about chocolate. Or is it just me who considers colder months a chocolate season? And I do mean chocolate in general, not just hot chocolate.

So let me introduce you to Montezuma’s. The brand was founded by Helen and Simon Pattinson in 2000, following a whistle-stop tour of South America, where their taste and passion for chocolate was first discovered.

The trip changed their lives and they returned to the UK with a dream to create extraordinary British chocolate that boasted an innovative range of fun flavour combinations.

20 years fast forward the brand has vastly expanded its range and even opened a few stores but their values still remain the same. And that is always using the best quality, ethically sourced cocoa from plantations that meet their strict ‘business done properly’ policy.

Montezuma’s also places the environment at the heart of how it does business and the packaging of every new product is 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

Montezumas can be found in major supermarkets and retailers such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods Market, Selfridges and with the largest choice in their stores and online.

The brand makes so many interesting unique flavours such as Black Forest, milk Cashew Butter and Sea Dog with lime and sea salt.

They also do truffles, chocolate buttons and even organic chocolate couverture chocolate. That’s higher cocoa butter content for extra gloss used for cooking and glazing.

The full range can be viewed here.

I had a joy to try a few of the bars and here are my thoughts. My personal favourite was Sea Dog. If you’ve ever been to any of the Baltic countries you might have come across their traditional dark lime chocolate bars.

I believe they use an essence so there’re no actual zest pieces. It’s just fruity roasted cocoa notes with a delicate lime flavor and slight astringent after taste from the chocolate darkness.

Exactly what Montezuma’s Salt Dog tastes like but with a pinch of salt, which makes it even more unique but in a good way.

Salt Dog is dark chocolate at 70% with a fresh green citrus aroma. It has a glossy finish with a clean break and that sharp snap crisp sound when broken, indication of well-tempered chocolate.

My other favourite were Giant Milk Buttons, may sound simple but I was in for a treat. I’ve always been a dark chocolate gal and skeptical of chocolate buttons in general. Why get buttons if you can get a chocolate bar?

Perhaps it’s something to do with the shape – thin yet broader contact with the taste buds but I’m converted now to chocolate buttons.

These come in a fully recyclable paper bag. At 37% coco they’re so mellow and creamy and exactly what it says on the pack: “If you can bear to part with them, spread the joy and share them around!”

I was not, they’re too dangerously addictive. They’re organic too, which is always a bonus.

The other favourite of mine and my family was Happiness with salted caramelised hazelnuts.

It’s smooth milk chocolate at 35% with crunchy pieces of caramel and roasted hazelnuts. Nutty and sweet with a lovely fresh creamy smell.

If you are thinking of Birthday gifts, Christmas or a treat for yourself Montezuma’s would be a great candidate for consideration.

They offer 6 bars for 17.25 mix & match, which is a great deal and you get to try a few from the range including the popular Absolute Black.

A chocolate bar made with 100% cocoa and no added sugar. That’s definitely going on my Christmas list.