There is a brand new summer floral décor in a Dalloway Terrace with new organic Belvedere Infusion cocktails.

Last week we attended al-fresco dining restaurant, Dalloway Terrace at The Bloomsbury hotel where the restaurant has been transformed into a serene sanctuary.

A canopy of lilac hanging wisteria, sweeping daisies, lavender and a comforting chamomile scent, put together by the floral designer Early Hours, set a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of London life.

Encouraging guests to embrace a slower pace of life, Dalloway Terrace has partnered with Belvedere Vodka Organic Infusions and a UK-based charity CALM this summer.

CALM is a charity that stands against suicide. It aims at offering life-saving support to everyone struggling with life, creating culture changing campaigns and bringing people together across the country to reject living miserably.

While Belvedere Vodka Infusions as explained by the spirits ambassador Joe Gunner pride themselves in following natural, pesticide and additives free production.

Belvedere Vodka is made from Polish rye, purified water and a distillation process by fire. It contains zero additives, in accordance with the legal regulations of Polish Vodka that dictate nothing can be added.

It is also certified kosher and gluten free, being rye based. Belvedere is produced in one of the world’s longest operating Polish distilleries that has been making vodka since 1910.


The Belvedere is then infused with naturally derived flavours such as Blackberry & Lemongrass, Pear & Ginger or Lemon & Basil turning it into an infusion, which is also certified organic.

The Belvedere Vodka Infusions range stands for a way of drinking better without compromising on quality or flavour making it the perfect collaborator for Dalloway Terrace’s concept.

During our evening at the Dalloway Terrace we enjoyed the floral décor, Belvedere Infusion cocktails menu and summer dishes.

First, we started our evening with taking a few moments to relax, close our eyes, feel present and breathe under the guidance of James Dowler.

James teaches people how to use their breath to alleviate emotional issues, improve their physical health and connect with a deeper understanding of themselves.

After a few moments of relaxation and slow breathing, we opened our eyes and we were greeted with a bright blackcurrant coloured Platt & Colts cocktail on our table.

It was made with Blackberry & Lemongrass Belvedere, blackcurrant sorbet, lemongrass, jasmine liqueur and peach & jasmine soda. It tasted a bit like a berry smoothie but not one of those thick banana rich Innocent packs.

But rather a freshly made one, perhaps even resembling a Scandi/ Russian type of berry mors except with a vodka kick and a pleasant lingering jasmine aftertaste. Platt & Colts immediately became my favorite.

We enjoyed our blackcurrant cocktail with crispy deep fried zucchini sticks followed by a creamy buffalo burrata served on tomatoes from Isle of Wight.

We also sampled Floradora Highball, which also contains Blackberry & Lemongrass Belvedere Infusion, Bergamot Liqueur finished with sweet grapefruit and rosemary tonic.

It was mesmerisingly clear with a rose tint to it. I enjoyed its refreshing bitter pink grapefruit notes, but my friend was not a fan of the bitterness but then she has a sweet tooth.

For our mains we had perfectly prepared miso glazed black cod with king oyster mushrooms and sticky rice.

It paired nicely with the Elizabeth Collins, featuring Organic Pear & Ginger Belvedere, white penja pepper cordial and SAICHO Jasmine Tea. The prominent ginger notes in Elizabeth Collins completed a somewhat Japanese inspired main.

While orange bitters in the Dalloway Sgroppino with Organic Lemon & Basil Belvedere, blood orange sorbet, basil oil and Moet & Chandon Champagne blended sweet and sour notes harmoniously.

Dalloway Sgroppino accompanied our sweet baked lemon cheesecake with fresh raspberry compote perfectly.

It was a wonderful, relaxing and flavoursome evening, the stunning setting of the Dalloway Terrace, named after the eponymous character penned by Virginia Woolf, who lived in the Bloomsbury area at the beginning of the twentieth century, cannot be described just with words and really should be seen in person.

This elegant and poetic space, can be visited for an exclusive afternoon tea with Belvedere Infusion pairings this summer. One Pound from every Afternoon Tea will be donated to CALM charity.