Crazy Pizza Marylebone has it all this summer, so take a seat on the terrace and tuck in.

I always feel a little old and rather poor when I go to Crazy Pizza Knightsbridge. It’s all young people clearly loaded, or more likely their parents are, spending like drunk sailors on shore leave.

Crazy Pizza Marylebone is different. Marylebone is a village in the heart of London, largely unknown to tourists, and along with gorgeous young people it also has silver haired patriarchs and matriarchs and a range of bars and restaurants that are quietly chic and delightfully varied.

Right now both Crazies have vibrant flower-decked façades and,terraces to sip cocktail creations including the Dolce and Banana with Martini Bitter and hibiscus cordial mixed with Martini Rosso, fresh orange juice and banana liquor and a Flor de Jamaica with Bombay Sapphire, Pimento Dram, hibiscus, flower orange oil, ginger, honey and allspice berries.

And let’s not forget their yeast free pizzas with top quality luxurious ingredients such as truffle, smoked salmon or  Pata Negra.

My favourite is the Ventricina.  Ventricina is a pork sausage, usually from the Abruzzo region of central Italy. It’s a very special product that is hard to make well, quickly or in bulk but which is a wonderful artisan product that’s rarely seen.

Crazy Pizza also has a remarkable, compact,  wine list, possibly better than many Michelin restaurants. Their highest price red wine comes out at a breathtaking £490, but don’t worry if you’re not an oligarch as there are many excellent wines at more reasonable prices, by glass and carafe as well, and you’ll find a match for your pizza no problem.

Music is the food of love

Crazy Pizza in Marylebone has also launched a dedicated music night every Wednesday from 7.30pm with special performances by Dom Durner’s Jazz Corner and a musical journey through Italy in three movements. 

The evening ends with the band switching to an interactive performance involving all guests, moving between tables with popular songs