Shochu – the traditionally-distilled and fermented Japanese spirit is set to be the next big trend from the East – which is taking over the drinks list at Japanese hotspot Junsei on 19th September for one night only.

Chef Patron Aman Lakhiani has come together with sake samurai and global educator Natsuki Kikuya, recognised by the Japanese government for her services to the drinks industry, to host a one-of-a-kind special Oma-Shochu supper club with signature Junsei dishes paired with shochu.

The five-course tasting menu will feature seasonal plates of white soy-marinated tomato with sansho and Hamachi tartare before a selection of Aman’s signature chicken skewers arrive from the Japanese Binchōtan charcoal grill, with four cuts – consciously using every part of the bird – and two kushiyaki (vegetable) skewers.

Each dish will be paired with a different perfectly made served highball, on the rocks, or with hot water, to perfectly complement each vintage’s individual flavour profile.

The limited-edition Oma-Shochu tasting menu will be available on Wednesday 27th July only. Tickets for the tasting menu and drinks pairings are extremely limited, cost £90pp and available via Design My Night here.

Oma-Shochu Tasting Menu 27th July 2022

White Soy Marinated Tomato with Sansho –

Hamachi Tartare with Nama Yasai Veg and Lime

A selection of six Yakitori plates including Tskune (Chicken Meatball Skewer) –
Smoked Oxtail Rice with Xo Sauce and Soy

Grilled Fruit with Ice Cream

Drinks Pairings

DAIYAME IMO Shochu (Kagoshima) Highball

NAGAKUMO Kokuto Shochu (Kagoshima) On rocks

BENI KOMAKI Imo Shochu (Kagoshima) Mizuwari

AOKAGE Mugi Shochu (Miyazaki)
On rocks

ISSHO Silver Imo Shochu (Kagoshima) Oyuwari

With hot water


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