Set along the famous Silk Road, the experience takes guests on a journey from Marseilles to Arabia, India, the Himalayas and China, using cutting edge 3D visual technology and effective storytelling through flavours, ingredients, sights, sounds and tastes.

During the dinner show, guests will each be faced with their very own 3D animated show taking place on top of their tablecloth, right under their knife and fork.

As well as a tiny-sized chef moving around the table, muttering in French cooking up delicious concoctions, guests will experience birds, boats, and fire-breathing dragons flying over their plates.

Featuring an innovative six course tasting menu, the food showcases all the very best from countries along the Silk Road. Throughout the evening, the food will be matched by wine and cocktails, as well as clever props, soundtracks and scents, allowing guests to breathe the icy air of The Himalayas one moment and feel hot and heady in a Arabic souk the next.

Opening days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with two sittings – 7pm to 9pm and 9pm – 11pm.