The chocolate experts, Elizabeth Shaw, who have been around since 1881 have the perfect selection of mouth-watering chocolates. Each variety offers a combination of flavours and textures and are aperfect choice for Easter. 

Elizabeth Shaw Original Chocolate Crisp (RRP £3.99) combines delicious chocolate with ‘melt in the mouth’ honeycomb pieces, keeping to the original recipe to create a truly moreish taste. With an offering of the original dark chocolate mint, milk chocolate mint, and new milk chocolate orange and milk chocolate salted caramel, there is a box to suit all tastes.

Elizabeth Shaw Flutes (RRP £2.59) are the perfect treat. Each flute is filled with a selection of tasty flavours within a smooth chocolate baton. Each flute encases a rich infusion of flavour which comes in a choice of mint, amaretto, orange or cappuccino.

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Collection (RRP £5.99) is a selection of delicious dark and milk chocolates infused with their specially selected mint oil. The arrangement includes the original mint crisp and tantalising flutes, presented in a stylish gift box.

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There’s no need to hunt around for the best deals as Tesco has done all the hard work for you, with a little helping paw from the Easter bunny itself. Save a huge £2 on Famous Names, now £3 and save £1 on all Mint Flutes selling for just £1.50.

Mint Flutes are the perfect treat for all ages. Each flute is filled with a tasty and minty center encased within a smooth chocolate baton. Carefully created and delectably moreish.

Famous Names are the adult gift you didn’t know you needed, but 100% deserve. Each selection is filled with indulgent liqueurs from some of the world’s most famous brands, which makes this the perfect gifts for any budding chocolate connoisseurs.

All Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates are gluten free and made using only the finest ingredients.

Offers in Tesco are available until 12th May 2017.