Feast@Fitzrovia is back for a third year running and this year, once again, the all-star cast of restaurants, chefs, cafés, bistros and bars are coming together to celebrate an array of international culinary delights. Until Sunday 3 July, London will be treated to a diverse offerings of gourmet menus alongside a schedule of events.

Fitzrovia’s Creative Heritage

Feast@Fitzrovia plays to the creative talents of the community with a spotlight on gastronomic creations.

“It’s a truly exciting time to be working in Fitzrovia Ã¢â‚¬â€œ the food and drink offering has now ramped up even further with Dickie Fitz and other new restaurants including The Ninth opening last year. There is a true sense of togetherness amongst the bars and restaurants that comes into its own during Feast@Fitzrovia and we really enjoy sharing that with the people of London,” said Leonora Popaj, General Manager of Pied à Terre’.


The close proximity of restaurants and bars in Fitzrovia has resulted in a unique village atmosphere in the West End, with a real sense of community underpinning the festival.

Charlotte Street Summer Fayre

On Friday 1 July, 14 restaurants will bring their kitchens to the street as half of Charlotte Street is closed to traffic in celebration of all things food and drink. Pied à Terre have a stall, offering visitors a chance to sample Michelin star dishes.

Additionally the wares of exciting new restaurant DF/Mexico, the new venture from Thomasina Miers of Wahaca, and independent favourites such as Drakes Tabanco and Bang Bang, will be preparing their best selling dishes throughout the day. Discover who has the best BBQ recipe and culinary skills as six of the most recognised chefs in the area go head, whilst a chilli challenge will heat up the competition amongst the most daring spice indulgers.

Feast Favourites

For the duration of Feast@Fitzrovia, exclusive special menus will be on offer, limited discounts available and a host of events will be taking place for those who want to uncover both the hidden and celebrated restaurants in this foodie destination. This global food event, which promises to draw a bigger crowd than ever, will take Londoners on a gastronomic journey.

* Beach BBQ chefs are: Asimakis Chaniotis for Pied à Terre vs Dan Sherlock for Salt Yard. Harry Abley for Kua ‘Aina vs Jon Coates for Dickie Fitz, Jun Tanaka for The Ninth versus Mark Block for Stephen Street Kitchen.

For more information visit http://enjoyfitzrovia.co.uk/feast/

Jun Tanaka photo by Palida Boonyarungsrit