This summer, Bread Street Kitchen’s Bar in the shadow of St Paul’s, has added Ramsay’s Ridge, a take obviously on’Henman’s Hill’ but with added swearing. A raised grassy (plastic grass) area to loll about on.

They’ve created house’serves’ cocktails presented in a large tennis ball such as the’Wimbledon Summer Cup’ (£11) presented in a large tennis ball globe and served on a vintage tennis racket by the’ball boys’ and’ball girls’.

The cocktail comprises Bombay Sapphire gin, combined with peach purée, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and is infused with Earl Grey tea

There are themed snacks and of course a great view of the tennis on the bar’s widescreen TVs whatever the weather.

Savoury options include a crispy Scotch egg,  lobster roll and potted ham hock with piccalilli. To complement this, a trio of sweet desserts: chocolate tarts with honey comb, a rich Eton mess and, of course, the obligatory toasted scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream You cand order a taster of all the dishes, served on a mini picnic bench,for £20.

Which we did and, even as the rain came down outside, a warm feeling spread over us. They could usefully keep an eye on the amount of garlic and salt they are using in the food, but nontheless no complaints from these players.

Ramsay’s Ridge at Bread Street Kitchen will be open until 10th July 2016.