7th-13th November is International Sherry Week – a global fiesta that celebrates the unique southern Spanish fortified wine. Special events across the globe will give foodies and wine fans the opportunity to learn about sherry – from tasting sessions to food pairings.

But not all Sherries are the same. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about…Fino Sherry.

1. It isn’t sweet – Sherry doesn’t have to be a sweet and syrupy liquid. In fact, it can cover the whole spectrum of sweet to dry. A pale straw colour Fino Sherry, such as the famous Tio Pepe, is very dry and light on the palate, with a delicate nutty aroma.

2. It’s great in cocktails – while delicious on its own, it is little known that Fino sherry is an excellent cocktail ingredient. Thanks to its complexity Fino is a mixologist’s dream, ideal for simple homemade creations such as the Tiojito (just combine Tio Pepe Fino with lemonade, a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon) or for more experimental flavour combinations – try adding Fino to a Margarita or perhaps as an additional ingredient in a Martini.

3. It’s not to be left in the cupboard – the dusty shelves of the liqueur cupboard simply aren’t the place for a Fino. Fino sherry should be served straight from the fridge, chilled to 4-6 degrees centigrade and consumed within 4-5 days of opening.

4. It’s great with Chorizo – and Jamón, artichokes or Manchego, in fact it matches perfectly with nearly everything Spanish, hence their love for this particular tipple! With its dry and savoury character Fino sherry is an excellent palate cleanser when well-chilled. This makes it a perfect match with the strong flavours of traditional tapas dishes.

5. It’s a family affair – one of the most well-known Fino sherries in the UK is Tio Pepe, which directly translated means Uncle Joe. It was named after the founder’s uncle who taught him everything he knew about sherry production.

How to celebrate Sherry Week

Monday 31st October – Friday 4th November – The Don & Sign of the Don, St Swithin’s Lane, London. Prepare for Sherry week with sherry tasting flights, 12 sherries by the glass and delicious Spanish food bites at the Don’s pop-up Sherry bar.

Thursday 3rd November, 18.30 – Sign of the Don, St Swithin’s Lane, London. Join an exclusive sherry tasting led by the great-great granddaughter of the founder of Gonzalez Byass. £75 per person. For more information, visit www.thesignofthedon.com/events

Wednesday 9th November, 18.30 – Bar Pepito, Kings Cross.’An introduction to different sherry styles and perfect Christmas food matching’. £35 per person, email [email protected] to book.

Thursday 10th November – nationwide. Sherry tasting live from Jerez. Legendary Gonzalez Byass winemaker, Antonio Flores will lead a live tasting from the home of Tio Pepe. Stock up on Sherry and tune in at 8pm to follow the action, here:  Those local to Cowbridge, Wales can pop to Bar 44 to taste along with Antonio.