Freggo, 27-29 Swallow Street, London, W1B 4QR

I’d often wondered what on earth Freggo was as I passed along Regent Street, music sometimes blaring from the innocuous-looking front in the West End. Turns out I was missing some of the best and, it has to be said, richest Dulce de Leche ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

Now the UK’s leading Argentine ice cream bar on Swallow Street is celebrating the launch of its new Taste installation.

The installation is the result of Freggo’s collaboration with the British Society of Flavourists and an urban art collective to create a unique art installation which can depict what taste looks like. I’ll be frank, I found it a bit odd, maybe even gimmicky, but it’s something to keep your mind off the calories you’re fast absorbing.

Using a slightly temperamental touch screen, guests can rate their Freggo ice cream for characteristics like sweetness, creaminess and sourness, and the ratings are then used to generate a picture of what their ice cream tastes like. The images look a little bit like colourful galaxies, or maybe one of those swirling screensavers that remind me of techno music clubs.

It’s weird, yes, but it’s fun and it’s certainly different. Oh, and the ice cream is awesome too.