A taste of quintessentially British produce

mcith_gelupo.jpgThis autumn, Gelupo, Jacob Kenedy’s gelateria tucked away in the heart of Soho, will launch an exclusive’Garden Gelato’ collection.

A collaboration with some of London’s leading chefs, the range will celebrate delicious British produce. This all star lineup includes Merlin Labron-Johnson, Robin Gill, Andrew Clarke and Stevie Parle.

The four chefs have been carefully selected through their knowledge and use of seasonal ingredients, grown and foraged around the UK. From a farm in Haywards Heath, Sussex to a beehive in Greenwich, all ingredients are important to each chef and will bring a brand new take to the realm of ice cream.

The flavours will appear one at a time over four weekends.

The first will see Michelin-starred chef Merlin Labron-Johnson at Portland, delivering a smooth and tangy Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt and Lemon, encapsulating his own unique style.

Robin Gill at The Dairy provides a Fig Leaf flavour. The leaves used are symbolic of his farm-to-table cooking in the restaurant, providing a fragrant aroma and taste.

The third is from Andrew Clarke at St Leonards/ Brunswick House who will deliver a wild Spruce Leaf Honey, an unusual recipe with a tender and fresh flavour that will satisfy the sweetest cravings.

Finally, the last of the collection is offered by Stevie Parle at Craft London, bringing a Craft Honey and Cardamom Bun flavour, using his very own Greenwich honey combined with the delicious fresh buns they make on site.

Gelupo’s limited edition flavours will be available on different weekends from the 29th September to the 21st October.


7 Archer Street, off Rupert Street





Dates of availability for flavours:

1. Sep 29/30

Merlin Labron-Johnston [Portland] – Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt and Lemon

2. Oct 6/7

Robin Gill [The Dairy] – Fig Leaf

3. Oct 13/14

Andrew Clarke [Brunswick House/ St Leonards] – Spruce Leaf Honey

4. Oct 20/21

Stevie Parle [Craft] – Craft Honey and Cardamom Bun