The cinema-foyer aroma of freshly-popped corn can be pretty seductive. And that’s even before you’ve loaded it up with powerful stimulants like ginseng and ginger and drenched it in dark chocolate. NOW we’re getting sexy. Bring a brimming bowlful to your beau and bring on a film streamed through blinkbox, and you’re guaranteed an action-packed evening. Or, at the very least, a good movie and some cracking snacking.

Cheeky Frog is the French company behind the gourmet corn, made exclusively for television streaming service blinkbox. This is a delicacy money can’t buy – but clever use of social media can. Just fire a Tweet @blinkbox telling ’em who you’d share your sofa with and why to get your mitts on a pack. It’s undeniably moreish munch , but the promised effects might be enough to motivate you to share your spicy, seratonin-rich spoils.

The ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ aphrodisiac popcorn will be sent to a selection of existing blinkbox customers and people who follow and Tweet to @blinkbox

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