Baozilnn and OMNI launch Green Feast, the first meat free dim sum menu in London.

Today sees the launch of Green Feast, a collaboration between Baozilnn and OmniFoods.  After the success of Baozilnn Soho’s vegan and vegetarian menu launched earlier this year Baozilnn to create Green Feast hand in hand with Omni Foods.

OMNI Mince is from foodtech company OmniFoods. It’s a nutritionally superior analogue comprised of a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from pea, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushroom and rice for complete protein.

Baozilnn’s team of dim sum chefs worked closely alongside OMNI to create the ultimate meat free alternative. Green Feast features dim sum using OMNI Mince, combined with all the usual taste and flavour associated with Baozilnn’s best loved dim sum but now in a product that is better for us, better for the animals and most importantly better for the environment.

Green Feast features a selection of dishes that are not just super healthy and nutritious, but also taste just as good as any of the meat dishes available at Baozilnn. The menu features all the usual Baozilnn favourites, including colourful Northern and Southern Chinese dumplings, steamed and pan-fried buns, shao mai, and soup dumplings. 

There is also a range of starters and dim sum and skewer platters on offer, as well as Hunan and Sichuan street food dishes, with an emphasis on the fiery heat and flavours that make Northern Chinese food so popular.

 Key Green Feast dishes using OMNI Mince include, Fermented chilli paste pan-fried bun, Hoisin sauce duck pan-fried bun, Original soup dumpling, Peanut and chive dumpling, Hot and spicy tofu dumpling, Shanghai green dumpling, Chinese leaf dumpling, Garden green dumpling and Original and Cabbage Shao Mai.  

Green Feast is available at Baozilnn Soho and London Bridge at lunch and dinner seven days a week and prices range from £5.90 for dim sum through to £18.90 for sharing platters.

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