Yes we thought that would get your attention. One hundred lucky foodies are to be offered gourmet quality food hampers for free every month as part of the UK’s first ever consumer taste testing scheme. is pioneering a first for the UK food and drink industry by inviting members of the public to rate its products.The ratings will be used by the gourmet food retailer as a quality control to ensure only the highest scoring products are offered for sale on its website.Consumers will be able to read the ratings and comments of the gourmet tasters – enabling them to make more informed buying decisions.

Thousands of food lovers are expected to apply for the role of gourmet food taster. The lucky 100 chosen will receive meats, condiments and cheeses by post – all for free.The only catch is that every two months a new panel of 100 tasters will be recruited to ensure no one becomes complacent in their role.

Those chosen will receive between two and five gourmet products per month. They will be asked to rate them for taste and for taste versus value. They will also be asked to write a review of at least 100 words for each product and a 30 second video review of one of the products will also be required.

Products will be rated using a points system with those receiving the fewest being removed from the Westin Gourmet range. The role will last for two months to ensure a high volume of feedback from a diverse range of the British public.

A spokesperson said:’The Gourmet Food Taster application process is rigorous. Those who enter don’t need any foodie qualifications but we do ask for honesty and a real commitment. We have built the process to ensure that we get the most passionate and best possible candidates.”

The deadline for registration is 15th October 2011. Applicants can register online at or at

From 1st November until midnight on 10th customers – as well as friends of those who have entered – will have the opportunity to cast their votes and select the 100 Gourmet Food Tasters. Successful candidates will be announced on 11th November 2011.

The newly founded Gourmet Food Tasters will receive their first box delivery on 14th November with reviews posted on the Westin Gourmet website on 30th November. In January they’ll receive a second box with reviews unveiled on 25th January.