This Christmas Britain’s favourite sherry, Harveys, turns 220 years young.

A traditional drink that has been enjoyed by generations for centuries, Harveys was also awarded Best Wine in the World by International Wine Challenge, the first Spanish wine ever to receive this award.

Its popularity continues to grow and with its proven global iconic status, it’s no surprise then that bartenders have embraced sherry too. Some of the best mixologists in the country love sherry for its taste profile and versatility in cocktails. Their modern take on classic ways to enjoy sherry has contributed to a rise in new sherry drinkers, particularly in the capital.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Harveys Bristol Cream.

Harveys over orange


50ml Harveys Bristol Cream sherry

Slice of orange

Ice cubes


Pour Harveys Bristol Cream into glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Harveys Frosted Apple & Ginger


50ml Harveys Bristol Cream

50ml Apple Juice

Dash of ginger ale

Cinnamon stick

Mint and apple slices to garnish


Fill a glass with ice, Harveys Bristol Cream, apple juice.

Top up with a dash of ginger ale. Swirl with a cinnamon stick and leave in the glass. Garnish with a sprig of mint and apple slices.

Harveys Bristol Cream is best enjoyed chilled at 12°C in a wine glass or mix over ice with a slice of orange. Harveys Bristol Cream is widely available nationwide for £10, 750ml