City instituion, High Timber is celebrating the start of the grouse season with a dining deal that is highly affordable (for some).

Owner, Neleen Strauss has set aside the exclusive dining table in the restaurant’s cellar for four people, who will dine on grouse accompanied by Pinot Noir from arguably the world’s most sought after Burgundian domain, Romanee Conti Grand Echezeaux.

The meal is being offered at £1,050 – considerably cheaper than the wine’s normal price (£1,900). A bargain,eh?

This offer will be available until December, and must be pre-booked a week in advance.

Strauss told Foodepedia ‘I use these words very carefully when I say this is the opportunity of a lifetime to experience a wine with such an incredible – and well deserved – reputation.’

To book, please contact Neleen direct on 020 7248 1777 or [email protected].

Grouse – The Lowdown on the Highland Bird

The Glorious Twelfth is usually used to refer to 12 August, the start of the shooting season for the red grouse, a popular game bird related to quail, turkeys and domestic poultry.

Shooting can take the form of ‘walked up’ (shooters walk across the moor and flush the birds) or ‘driven’ (grouse are driven, often in large numbers. by ‘beaters’ towards the guns hiding behind a line of ‘butts’).

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