You may remember a recent documentary involving a certain celebrity chef which introduced and brought to life the idea of opera and food. That idea is very much a reality right here in central London.

Combining classical French cuisine and soaring arias in one dramatic package, Bel Canto at the Corus Hotel, Hyde Park, delivers thrilling live theatre that has all the passion of the opera house and the allure of a fine restaurant.

From 7pm until 11pm Tuesdays to Saturdays, the Bel Canto Company Singers (who double up as the restaurant’s waiters) perform excerpts from some of the world’s best known arias by the likes of Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Bellini and Rossini. Every fifteen minutes during the course of the evening, regular restaurant proceedings come to a halt as the music strikes up.

All the waiting staff are young, up-and-coming stars of the future plucked from London’s most prestigious music schools. Bel Canto has some 50 classically trained singers and 10 pianists, specialising in classical opera, on its books so guests can be assured of the quality of the performance.

Bel Canto’s menu is priced at £35 for two courses and £42 for three. To experience this lively evening simply head to Bel Canto at Corus Hotel, 1 Lancaster Gate, London