Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant HKK is bringing Chinese New Year celebrations to the City with a specially crafted menu showcasing the family traditions and Chinese rituals behind the special occasion. A limited edition printed menu will be gifted to each guest dining from the exclusive menu, highlighting the history behind each dish alongside intricate illustrations that explore the symbolism of the dishes.

The tasting menu created by Hakkasan and HKK’s Executive Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee will feature eight courses followed by a petits fours Tray of Togetherness, accompanied by a matching beverage flight. 

The menu at HKK will begin with a Prosperity salad, featuring crispy salmon skin and plum sauce alongside Dry oyster rolls with black moss, and Barbeque pork belly. The Chinese ritual involves the entire family using chopsticks to toss the salad together as high as possible – an association with wellbeing and success for the year ahead.

Two soups will feature on the signature menu, presented in one dish in the shape of the Yin and Yang symbol. Yin and Yang is a significant ideology in Chinese history and represents the necessity for an equal amount of both Yin and Yang to be present for complete balance. A Supreme crab meat and kumquat soup and Vegetarian shark fin soup will be brought together to create a harmonious dish, reinforcing this belief. The two soups are also united as they represent the sky and the earth, as Chinese people worship the sky for brighter weather and earth for improved crops in the new year.

The menu will culminate with a Tray of Togetherness, a customary dish filled with sweet treats and offered to guests throughout Chinese New Year with the aim of giving them a successful and prosperous start to the new year. The tray contains eight different sweets as this is an auspicious number in China; inspired by Chinese ingredients they include Jasmine tea shortbread, Five spice financiers and Orange jellies.

Throughout the campaign HKK will be home to an impressive centrepiece of gold coins on red ribbon “raining” over an oriental inspired tree, the branches of which will be adorned with red-dipped lychee fruit symbolising good fortune and gold tea lights to create a softly-lit festive atmosphere.  

The signature menu is available for £88 per person and will be available until 20th February.


88 Worship Street

Broadgate Quarter