To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, one of China’s biggest cultural celebrations, contemporary Northern Chinese restaurant Hutong is putting on a dedicated menu celebrating the best in Sichuan cooking

mcith_Hutong_mid-autumn_menu.jpgThis is Hutong’s most authentic menu yet, which will and surprise its adventurous diners, by taking them on a compelling food journey through the Sichuan Province. 

Dishes include:

Lotus root in spicy soy dressing

  • This sweet flavoured vegetable is served cold with sesame oil, soy and red and green pepper, providing a fresh note for balance.

Yam & pork belly crispy dumplings

  • Light and crispy dumplings filled with perfectly cooked pork belly, spices and then coated in Yam, before being cooked for serving.

Cuttlefish in homemade spicy soup

  • For this dish, fresh cuttlefish is served cold in an aromatic and spicy Sichuan chilli broth, made from a balanced mix of more than ten different traditional Chinese spices such as star anise, Chinese peppercorns, clove and fennel.

Bitter Melon in salted egg yolk

  • Bitter Melon is a tropical fruit, not too dissimilar from a cucumber, and is valued for its unusual bitter taste. More adventurous diners are invited to try this simple dish, where Fei has coated the fruit in salted egg yolk. This is another very traditional dish, and often features on Mid-Autumn Festival menus throughout China.

This year, Hutong’s menu will be available throughout National Golden Week too, and run until 14th October, for £88 per person.