Kanada-Ya ramen restaurant, has announces two limited-edition ramen bowls, available from today until the end of April only.

mcith_KanadaYa_MisoRamen.jpgMiso Tonkotsu (£14), available only at the restaurant’s St. Giles branch, consists of rich miso, chicken and pork bone broth,’Tokyo’ wavy noodles topped with fried tofu, shredded leek, shiitake, buttered sweetcorn, bamboo shoots, sugar snap peas, nori seaweed and their famous chashu pork belly.

Miso Paitan (£14), available at the Upper Street and PantonStreet branches, has the same delicious toppings but consists of a slightly lighter miso and chicken bone broth.

The limited-edition ramen will be available from today, 26 February 2019.

Specialising in authentic Tonkotsu ramen, Kanada-Ya was founded by Kanada Kazuhiro in Yukuhashi, Japan, back in 2009.

All noodles are made on site with a special machine, imported from Japan, that uses a very specific brand of flour, enriched with the right protein content and alkaline salts to produce a bouncy, firm noodle capable of standing up to the rich broth. Customers are also able to request how firm they like their noodles, which will then be cooked accordingly.

Kanada-Ya’s signature ramen consists of noodles, tonkotsu broth, secret sauce (imported from the original restaurant, and hand-made by Mr. Kanada), wood ear fungus mushroom (kikurage), finely sliced spring onion, chashu pork belly and a sheet of nori.

Kanada-Ya Upper Street

35 Upper Street London N1 0PN

Kanada-Ya Piccadilly

3 Panton Street, Soho London SW1Y 4DL

Kanada-Ya Covent Garden

64 St Giles High Street London WC2H 8LE