Bringing together the best of British ingredients with a touch of sophisticated French flavour

mcith_maille.pngThis festive season, Le Maison Maille is partnering with British restaurant, Nutbourne and Head Chef, OIiver Gladwin, to create a collection of Christmas canapés that will be featured on the a la carte menu throughout December, replacing Nutbourne’s popular’Mouthfuls’.

The collaborative and limited-edition menu showcase the transformative nature that mustard has on these one bite wonders and proves that the right ingredient has the ability to define a dish.

With a focus on seasonal produce and an emphasis on wild, foraged, locally grown and

sustainable food from Gladwin’s own family farm, the Mouthfuls bring together the best of

British with a touch of sophisticated French flavour, showcasing the versatility of this classic


Traditionally, canapés are served during cocktail hour and it is often desired that they are salty or spicy in order to encourage guests to drink more.

The complex flavour profile and varied tasting notes of each Maille mustard pairs perfectly with Nutbourne’s Nutty Brut Sparkling Wine – created and bottled at the Gladwin’s family vineyard in Sussex.

The mustard filled morsels are all priced at £1.50 or the full selection for £6.00 and will be

served on the menu throughout December. The full selection of Mouthfuls is:

• Beetroot Macaroon With Maille Honey Mustard

• Partridge & Maille Dijon Mustard Croquette

• Maille Truffle Mustard Eclair With Confit Egg Yolk

• Black Carrot With Maille Blue Cheese & White Wine Mustard, Apple Marigold Gel

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35-37 Parkgate Rd,

London SW11 4NP