Despite London’s culinary diversity, there are still some cuisines from the world’s 195 countries that diners say are lesser known across the city’s restaurant scene.

mcith_Picture1.pngWith more than 55% of diners recently revealing they would like to see some of the less familiar cuisines receive greater recognition, OpenTable has teamed up with Carousel to bring London’s diners the top six cuisines they believe are most underrepresented, including  Romanian, Goan, Slovenian, Polynesian, Armenian and Ukrainian.

The three-day pop up will bring to life these cuisines through a specially curated sharing style menu consisting of tasty treats, from Ukrainian Barbecued Khorovats and Goan Fish Curry to Armenian Flatbreads and Pistachio and Walnut Baklava.

Demand for the presence of more underrepresented cuisines comes largely from London’s millennials, with 62% of 18-24-year olds and 66% of 25-34 years agreeing that under the radar dishes need to be better highlighted in the capital’s booming food scene, as market halls and pop-ups continue to evolve across the city.

From Thursday 22nd August – Saturday 24th August at 7pm, 30 guests per evening will be able to make a reservation at Carousel for the sharing-style menu, including six delectable dishes, a welcome cocktail, half a bottle of wine and a digestif.

Tickets are £50pp at

‘LDN 195′ Menu by OpenTable and Carousel

1 x Welcome Cocktail (Polynesian)

Sharing style

Armenian Flatbreads (Armenian)

Pork & Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls (Ukrainian & Romanian)

Goan Fish Curry and rice (Goan)

Ukrainian Barbequed Khorovats (Ukrainian)

Traditional Potato Salad with Onion (Slovenian) served with a seasonal green salad


Pistachio and Walnut Baklava (Romanian)

 1 x Digestif (Polynesian)