67 Pall Mall has taken the opportunity during lockdown to add to its prestigious wine list, which now has over 6000 discrete lines.

mcith_67%20Pall%20Mall%20-%20Lounge%20WiEncompassing the world of wine, the list includes stars of both the old and new world, including rare vintages of wine-making legends as well as brilliant bottles from up-and-coming producers.

Wine service will change slightly, with wine bottles being left on tables, along with water, to encourage guests to pour themselves; removing a layer of “handling”. The wine staff will also wear gloves when handling glasses.

The food menu will be reduced in size to accommodate the much smaller kitchen team on each shift but with no less focus on quality and taste.

Club favourites returning to the menu will include: Scotch Burford Brown egg with Macsween haggis and piccalilli; truffled porcini arancini; lobster thermidor vol au vent and more.

The menu will increase in size back to normal with further government advice and once everyone knows what “new normal” looks like.

There is now a “protected route” and with screens protecting diners from the general traffic of people entering and leaving the Members’ Lounge and leaving the Clubroom.

Moving between floors will now be a one-way-system, such that people going up to the Clubroom will do so by going up the front steps, via the Mezzanine, in the normal way.

When they want to leave, they will do so by going down the back staircase (or by taking the lift) down to the Ground Floor and then by leaving via a protected route.

The Club has also been given a very deep clean and will be the subject of an hourly cleaning regime, similar to the one that was instituted just prior to the lockdown.

Fortunately, the famed wine lovers destination benefits from a relatively low-density layout meaning that the Club will not need to lose too many covers to comply with 1m+ distancing, and should be able to accommodate most of the expected member numbers on most days.