A modern day tea bar focused on creating fresh blends and health boosting flavor combinations.

mcith_TEASE%20Live%20Shot%20LR%5B4%5D.jpAs life slowly gets back to normal, you’ll find a newly opened escape in the heart of South Kensington, TEASE, a modern day tea bar focused on creating fresh blends and health boosting flavor combinations – open  now for collection and delivery, with the café available to customers now as well.

Putting a fresh spin on the iconic British classic, TEASE’s menu boasts a selection of iced teas, milk teas, adaptogenic milks, health shots and so much more – using a variety of fresh and natural ingredients while focusing on creating every drink without any refined sugars.

Spearheading the brand is Nirbhay Lalvani who comes from a family hospitality background; having been in the industry for over a decade.Nirbhay has worked at and owned a number of leading venues in London and around the world.

Conceptualizing the menu is former mixologist of The Ned, Soho Farmhouse and Annabel’s, Cosmo Lewis. The duo have created a diverse menu that focuses on the versatility of tea, guiding you through a range of flavoured tea based drinks with signature health twists.

mcith_TEASE%20Tea%20LR.jpgCool refreshing iced teas freshly brewed and combined with a variety of freeze-dried fruits for maximum nutrition packed into each cup, they’re the perfect refreshment for the season.

The rest of the menu reveals classic and herbal teas, specialty coffee, milk teas and adaptogenic milks focused on ingredients that aid the body in resisting chemical and physical stress.

Reishi mushroom, bee pollen, maca and lucama are just a few of the adaptogens incorporated into the menu, which help boost your immune system, relieve tiredness and are even known to reduce stress.

With a focus on health, the signature immunity booster shots are just what you need for the season, from ginger and honey to fresh beetroot, paired with coconut water and kamalansi lime.

The house special “Cosmosis” section of the menu takes centre stage – rich dark chocolate, their take on a classic hot chocolate freshly made from raw cacao and cacao butter eliminating the use of any refined sugars, sits alongside the creamy vanilla cold coffee and a traditional spiced masala chai, which provides a great energy boost.

Situated a stone’s throw from South Kensington tube station, 

Address: 19 Harrington Road, London, SW7 3ES

Website: www.lovetease.com

Instagram: @drinktease