Market Porter has a lovely Discovery Cheese box for the Easter Weekend. The box includes a handpicked selection of unusual British artisan cheeses.

Market Porter’s discovery cheese selection has everything that a true cheese lover would hope to see. A slight twist on your classic cheese board, they have unearthed some real gems. Market Porter has handpicked a selection of more unusual British cheeses which complement each other perfectly and will get everyone talking around the dinner table. Dig in after Easter Sunday lunch and enjoy over the course of the weekday evenings.

There Easter weekend box will include;

Berkswell Ewe’s Milk – A hard ewes milk cheese with a distinctive rind and lively intense flavours that vary with the season of production.

Keen’s Cheddar – Matured in cloth for over 12 months, the cheese uses only milk from their own dairy herd, with the untreated milk being used within a day of milking. Only about 130 cheeses are made per week.

Belton Farm Mature Red Fox – Red Fox has been handmade at Belton Farm and uses a unique recipe developed over many years. The skilled Belton Farm cheesemakers have produced a cheese with an intense and complex blend of sweet and savoury flavours.

Garstang Blue – A wonderful combination of a smooth creamy cheese with a mild yet indulgent blue taste that will tantalise any cheese lover’s senses. After the cheese is made , it is lovingly matured over the course of 6 weeks, at which point it is “spiked”, allowing the mold to develop into streaks as it grows through the cheese.

Cooleeney Irish Brie – This stunning Irish Brie  is mild and creamy with hints of butter, undergrowthand wet grass. Fully mature at 8-10 weeks this is perfectly paired with sparkling wine.

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