Chapel Street Market in Islington is one of the capital’s most loved street markets and Mercer & Co really looks like it’s going to be a great addition to this buzzy market road.  What’s on the menu? 

Inspired by the delis of New York, we went for the famous Salt Beef Bagels (with bagels baked especially for them by the illustrious Bagel Shop, Brick Lane) but the menu is vast and very appealing- fresh sandwiches, soups, salad boxes and even breakfast bowls.  

We went particularly crazy over the Chilli Mac n Cheese as a side, but they do change frequently so make sure to keep an eye out for it if it’s back on the menu.

Coffees, milkshakes, smoothies AND cocktails are all on offer and all great value – you can’t go too far wrong with a £6 cocktail in London these days, and these guys know where their doing with a cocktail shaker, we can promise you that.

 We let the bar staff know what sort of flavours we liked and they knocked something up which suited both our palates (our very differing palates).  A Negroni-style cocktail for me and something a little sweeter and fruiter for my friend with unusual ingredients such as rose syrup and lychee-jelly, which she seemed to enjoy thoroughly.

They’ve got a great location, sat upon one of Chapel Street Market’s street corners and are open for breakfast lunch and dinner, so if you can, choose to sit by the window which opens out to the road completely on a sunny day.  

It has to be one of the best people watching spots in London with rowdy sights of market vendors, vintage shoppers and nail salon goers.  You’ll be leaving shouting “pound a punnet!” to passers-by as you leave, but make sure to stop before hitting Upper Street at the bottom of the road…