Throughout November this year, come and take part in one of London’s most exciting events: The Gourmet Pizza Challenge. 

Seven of the UK’s top chefs have created their own unique pizza recipes, and are going head to head against the pizza experts at Pizzicotto to raise money for global humanitarian organisation Action Against Hunger. It’s now up to the public to decide who the winner will be.

With renowned chefs and Action Against Hunger supporters such as Robin Gill and Jun Tanaka taking part in the challenge, this is a unique opportunity to sample the chefs’ own distinct culinary styles on a pizza base.

The chefs are not only competing against each other, but against pizzaiolos at Pizzicotto, who have also created their own luxurious pizza toppings to rival the others. Will Vivek Singh’s “Bollyflower Cheese” and Pascal Aussignac’s “Confit Comme-ça” come out ahead of classic Italian flavours?

After the launch this weekend, it is now up to the public to decide, as the winner will be decided by which pizza sells the most throughout the month of November.

Every week, two of the pizzas will be knocked off the menu to reveal the winner at the end of the month. The ultimate winner will then be crowned on December 1st, with their pizza remaining on the menu at Pizzicotto.

The chefs taking part are:

  • Jun Tanaka (The Ninth)
  • Pascal Aussignac (Club Gascon)
  • Robin Gill (The Manor, The Dairy, Paradise Garage and Counter Culture)
  • Vivek Singh (The Cinnamon Club)
  • Anna Hansen (The Modern Pantry)
  • Steve Groves (Roux at Parliament Square)
  • Adam Handling (The Frog E1)

The Gourmet Pizza Challenge has been initiated in aid of Action Against Hunger, with 50% of the proceeds from each of the special pizzas sold at Pizzicotto throughout November going to the charity.

The funds raised will help the humanitarian organisation in their commitment to save the lives of malnourished children, enable people to provide for themselves, see their children grow up strong, and build prosperous communities. Last year alone, Action Against Hunger helped over 14.9 million people in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

The pizzas will be available at Pizzicotto (open Tuesday-Sunday) until the 31st of November. To book a table at the restaurant, please call James Chiavarini on 020 7602 6777

Pizzicotto, 267 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6NA