Rasa Sayang, a restaurant in London serving authentic Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, is offering a slice of tradition in the form of one of the most popular Chinese New Year dishes in Asia, Yu Sang.

Yu Shang is a dish that is served in most restaurants and household in Asia to promote good luck for the New Year (this year, Chinese New Year fell on the 26th of January). The ingredients include, fresh salmon, white radish, red pepper, carrot, ginger, Chinese parsley, chopped peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, Chinese crackers, five spice powder and a generous serving of plum sauce.

Although, rarely found in London and the United Kingdom, it is considered to be a mandatory dish for most Chinese during Chinese New Year.

The ritual of eating Yu Shang is intriguing: in a celebration called Lo Hei, families and friends gather around the dining table and toss the ingredients in the air with chopsticks while shouting out auspicious wishes to usher in prosperity for the new year.

Said Managing Director of Rasa Sayang, Teddy KC Chen, ‘We aim to offer the Chinese community, as well as the rest of London, a dish that the Chinese people hold dear during a very auspicious period of the year. Hopefully, it will bring more joy to their festive season!”

Rasa Sayang’s Yu Sang will come in Medium and Large, at £12.80 and £16.80 respectively. The team at Rasa Sayang, who are also the people behind Inn Noodle, will also be offering the dish at Inn Noodle, 106 Queensway*.