Redefine Meat – a plant-based meat is expanding across menus of UK restaurants.

Redefine Meat is a vegan brand that specialises in making plant-based meat, that’s not only good for the environment but is also kind to animals.

The brand is a passionate New-Meat™ pioneer. Inspired by long research in the field Redefine Meat might have just found the perfect formula to replicate the unique texture of meat through cutting-edge technologies and input from chefs and meat experts.

Using a range of proprietary and patented technologies including 3D printers to literally print the meat, to better resemble the meat texture the brand prints the patterns of meat fibers and fat.

The end result is very realistic, probably the most realistic and delicious vegan meat I’ve ever tried. The brand makes a range of products from pulled lamb, pork to mince, beef flank, tenderloin and even bratwurst.

You can’t find it in supermarkets though, at least not yet. Instead it’s available in many restaurants in the UK, Netherlands and Israel.

The list is constantly expanding but here are a few London restaurants where Redefine Meat is made into tasty meals including Chotto Matte, Hive, Blame Gloria, Brewdog and Marco Pierre White’s restaurants.

We on the other hand went to try a fair share of their range at Pub in the Park prepared by the Redefine Meat kitchen itself.

Their menu for the day included pulled pork bao buns, bratwurst with sauerkraut and grilled flank. In short we loved them all.

At first my plus one didn’t even realise we were sampling vegan products. Our first sample was a juicy flank with proper marbling, it was too realistic even.

It tasted just like beef, very impressive, followed by slices of bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Since I became a more conscious meat consumer I avoid German style sausages in general however, tempting they are. The sad reality is if the label doesn’t say anything about animal welfare standards then presume the worst.

Having said that, I do miss bratwurst and käsekrainer especially. So it’s pleasing to report that Redefine Meat bratwurst taste just like the meat version.

Once again they nailed the flavour and density. It has the texture and the flavour of the ordinary pork bratwurst.

Our final contestants were pulled pork bao buns, steamed and fluffy with plenty of spiced vegan meat inside. My plus one loves pulled pork and he very much enjoyed these.

Me not so much although I liked the flavour I’m not a fan of pulled pork in general. But as far as pulled pork baos go these again were very realistic to the meat version.

So if you are in one of the restaurants that serve Redefine Meat do give it a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised meat eater or not. As mentioned Redefine Meat is not available to purchase in stores, instead it supplies restaurants for chefs to create great dishes with the products.