8 Heddon Street, W1B 4BU www.sakaguraklondon.com

Sakagura is the latest restaurant to launch in the popular food and drink hotspot of Heddon Street, offering a new dining experience and sake bar.

A joint venture between the Japan Centre Group, sake Royal Warrant holders Gakkeikan, Japanese plum wine brand Choya, the Toridoll Corporation and a two-Michelin star Japanese restaurant, Sakagura is a chic and modern restaurant serving interesting and tempting Japanese food.

Set across two floors, diners can choose between small and intimate dining booths with a dedicated sake bar, or to be seated at the traditional 11-seater wooden kappo counter in the basement where they can watch the chefs at work, nestled in the sake cellar.

We visited Sakagura for its launch event, tried a sample of the authentic Japanese washoku cooking on offer, which incorporates a mix of rice, miso, pickled vegetables, fish and meat into each meal with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. This is all beautifully presented on dark, stylish and sleek crockery, designed to draw the diners eyes to the food.

Underpinning everything at the restaurant, you cannot fail to miss the spirit of Japanese hospitality – omotenashi – which ensures a unique experience that is both relaxed yet steeped in tradition. From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, omotenashi is adopted to meet and exceed expectation across all levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Sakagura is one to keep your eye on. With a mixture of fantastic hospitality, great food, unique and interesting drinks and a stylist setting, this is somewhere I will definitely be returning to.