Sake no Hana, the Japanese restaurant from Hakkasan Group, is celebrating Japanese Golden Week with a campaign centred around Koinobori.


Koinobori, meaning’carp streamers’ in Japanese, are carp-shaped flags flown at the end of Golden Week. Carp are considered the most spirited fish, so full of energy and power that they can fight their way up streams: a fitting metaphor for life.  

Paying homage to this custom, the façade of Sake no Hana has been transformed to show the colourful journey of the carp. A seasonal menu has been created, featuring sushi with laser cut fish scales – a first of its kind in the UK – and an exclusive Koinobori cocktail.


During the 4-week campaign, a limited-edition signature menu created by Executive Head Chef Hideki Hiwatashi is available at the restaurant, with highlights including laser cut sushi – Sake no Hana will be the first in the UK to create this.

The nori encasing the hand-made sushi rolls will be laser cut, boasting beautiful and intricate detailing to look like fish scales.

Sansai Shiriu

White Miso Soup with Japanese foraging vegetable

Chirashi Gunkan

Salmon, seabass, ikura


Tempari & Maki

Spicy tuna, crab, inari, hamachi

Choose one of the following:

Haru Yasai miso salmon

Kisetsu Yasai tempura

Yakitori corn fed chicken

Selection of wagashi


Ichigo daifuku

Mitarashi dango

Matcha roll kace


A limited-edition cocktail will also be added to the menu called Koinobori Martini featuring Belvedere Vodka, sakura tea cordial, lime juice, foamer, koi carp rice paper with a swimming carp appearing on the top.

The koinoburi campaign and the limited-edition menu will be available at Sake no Hana until11th May for £52 per person, also available a la carte.