Skim, a new, organic health-focused UK-wide meal delivery service launches this month.

mcith_SMOKED%20MACKEREL%20SALAD.JPGFrom keto to vegan to paleo, Skim offers freshly prepared, ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner using the best organic seasonal produce delivered to your door.

Skim is a 100% organic food delivery service on the market. Organic food is an easy way to optimise the nutritional value of your food.

With no genetically modified organisms or pesticides and far more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than non-organic produce, Skim’s meal plans lead to an instantly more energising, natural and cleaner diet.

It is also a great way to contribute to the battle against global warming, promoting more sustainable farming practices. Skim is committed to producing environmentally conscious meals: from sourcing the ingredients, to packaging.

For the health-conscious, or those following a special diet, Skim takes the time, effort and expertise out of planning, purchasing and preparing meals without compromising on taste or nutrition.

The range of meals available are free from refined sugars, dairy or gluten, with their nutritional breakdown clearly stated on the website, empowering customers to take in control of what they put into their bodies.

From Macadamia roasted chicken with golden turmeric vegetables to Coconut flour blueberry pancakes – there is something for everyone.

Skim is run by Robert Tarczy whose experience, first as a private chef in London, and then as a buyer at Whole Foods, has provided him with a unique insight into both produce and cheffing.