Shuang Shuang, Shaftesbury Avenue’s specialist hot pot restaurant, is to continue its collaboration series this month with som saa, who will bring the lesser known flavours of regional Thailand with their’Kuai Tiao Ruea’ noodle soup.

Co-head Chefs Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie will premier their limited edition hot pot from November 15th, which will run as a special on the Shuang Shuang menu for the month to follow.

Joining Chinese tradition with Thai ingredients, the’Kuai Tiao Ruea’ noodle soup is an umami broth of pork bones, aromatic vegetables, pandan leaves and toasted Thai spices, seasoned with Thai yellow bean and fish sauce. The soup will be accompanied with thinly sliced marinated pork, cooked tripe with liver, pork balls and rice noodles, topped with beansprouts, crispy pork scratchings and the aromatic, heady heat of Thai basil.

Past collaborations have seen Shuang Shuang team up with Neil Rankin of Temper and Uyen Luu, author of My Vietnamese Kitchen.

som saa’s’Kuai Tiao Ruea’ noodle soup will be available until 14th December 2016 for £15

Booking by e-mail only at [email protected]

Opening hours: Daily 12pm – 11:00pm


Shuang Shuang

64 Shaftesbury Avenue