At Sticky Mango there’s a special menu, available until 31st October, that celebrates chef Peter Lloyd’s love of Indonesian cuisine. You really need to try it


The menu is all about the flavours and styles of the islands, from Barbecued Sea Bass wrapped in Banana Leaf, inspired by West Javan’Pepesan; to Balinese’Babi Guling’ – Spit Roast Suckling Pig. The menu ends with Peter’s signature dish Mango, Black Sticky Rice.

Owner of Sticky Mango, Peter Lloyd, was formerly Executive Chef at Spice Market and the tasting menu features Peter’s interpretations of Indonesian regional cuisine, following his visit to Bali in July this year.


He was a guest of Wonderful Indonesia (the national tourism organisation), and he tells me he was immersed in the local food culture, from working in paddy fields to making fresh palm sugar, harvesting sea salt and catching tuna at dawn. Which all makes me very jealous indeed.

He also had the opportunity to learn from three of the country’s leading chefs to discover ancient traditions and modern fine dining interpretations.

Now he’s armed with an array of cooking techniques from producers for creating Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) and Bebek Betuta (12 hours baked and smoked Duck).


Eight of us powered through the menu, below, and there was nothing I’d not happily eat again in larger amounts. For reasons of reasonableness, the menu is made up of small tasting plates so as not to knock diners totally for six.

That said I was quite bowled over by the dishes, particularly the Sea Bass and the Prawn, Sweetcorn and Young Coconut Soup.

The flavour combinations are often unique with echoes of Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese and all elegantly handled and combined.


It’s a cosy restaurant in a spot less frequented than many with a large mural of Anthony Bourdain, the two-fisted, in your face chef, who sadly left us a while back, to make it easy enough to find.

So, do get down to the south bank and eat east.

33 Coin Street,

London, SE1 9NR