Seeking to kick off your St Pat’s in the traditional style of the Emerald Isle? Get yourself down to Asda and you’ll have the luck of the Irish. The supermarket is one of the few outlets to boast a dedicated range of well-loved Irish items, beloved of expats up and down the country. And celebrating the patron saint of these people provides the perfect excuse to get stuck in.

This Sunday, swap your standard brunch for a Celtic feast. If it’s too early for a can of the black stuff, do as the Irish do and stick the kettle on for a brilliant brew from Barry’s. The discerning Irishmen won’t get out of bed for anything less than the brand’s robust breakfast blend. But man cannot celebrate with tea alone. That’s where Irwin’s bakery steps in.

A couple of slices of Batch bread – traditionally baked so it has crustless sides and a crunchy bottom and top – makes a great resting place for a good few hunks of Clonakilty’s superior coarse-grained black or white pudding, sizzled until each piece develops a crisp outer which yields to an utterly sublime fatty, melt-in-the-mouth middle. Have both together – we are celebrating.

If it’s a less-savoury start to the day that shakes your shamrock, Irwin’s fruit-studded loaf should a-peel, particularly when toasted and slathered with lashings of proper Irish farmhouse butter. And for that same sweet-toothed contingent, a bottle of Asda‘s cream liqueur’Irish knights’ is worth stashing. Come the onset of revelry, it could well prove your shining armour-clad saviour.

Irish products are available in a dedicated section in the’world food’ aisle at many Asda stores nationwide. For more information visit