Sweeties Bar at the Standard expands its cocktail menu to add three more to its amplified classic cocktails list.

It’s cold, raining and with the storm Ciaran blasting over our heads it can’t be more official than that we are well into autumn now, which means no more rooftop bars.

Well at least not the ones where guests sit outside, however, one still wants to enjoy stunning city views from time to time.

Sweeties bar at The Standard is one of those locations that can still make it possible. It has a beautiful bar offering panoramic views over St Pancras, Kings Cross and the city.

And it’s open till late, which is another advantage, Londoners know bars with late opening are hard to find in the city.

There are plenty of clubs in London but if you are after a tranquil warm environment with an ambience where you can hear your guest over a tasty cocktail or quality wine, those places disappear off the google map the minute the clock hits midnight.

But Sweeties is open till 2:30am. And they’ve now added three more cocktails to their list to mark the new season. The new addition is developed by Zoe Burgess, The Standard’s esteemed drinks consultant.

The new cocktails include:

  • City Slicker – A modern twist on a 90s classic, the Cosmo. Made with cranberry, cherry blossom, and topped with champagne.
  • Me Time – Indulge in a calming moment with the Me-Time-Martini, crafted with Sake and a pickled ginger brine.
  • No Limit – For those who love a little adventure, try the invigorating tequila highball, No Limits. Made with lemongrass, ginger, and our house citrus sherbet.

Since neither of us are big fans of ginger we only tried two out of three cocktails. City Slicker and Me Time. I am aware Me Time also mentions ginger, but our waitress reassured us it won’t be strong.

Unlike No Limit, which was described as fiery and warming with a comforting kick to us so we stayed away from that one.

My guest enjoyed the City Slicker, like the description it’s distinctive red tone is indeed similar to Cosmo.

Served in a martini glass it’s easy drinking, fruity but quite refreshing and a little fizzy from the champagne.

While mine – Me Time is on a sweeter side even velvety despite the ginger brine. It’s very smooth and if I wasn’t told I would not have guessed it has ginger.

It comes in a coupe glass topped with a pickled shallot, which was another surprise to me. I know the description might sound rather unusual but it’s a cocktail worth trying.

I think Sweeties is an under discovered location. It has so much to offer, from the original red pill glass elevator to creative cocktails in a tranquil ambience. Next door there is also a Spanish restaurant Decimo with an impressive open plan kitchen featuring a large flame grill.

Sweeties, 10th Floor, 10 Argyle St, London WC1H 8EG