Regent’s Place And The Anthropologists Of Eating Present The Feast Of Ideas

Regent’s Place, the work and social hub located between King’s Cross and Paddington, is welcomes cultural food experts the Anthropologists of Eating for a series of innovative and inspiring events from 4th to 8th June.

Through interactive talks, workshops and tastings, Susy Webb and Bee Farrell will explore the history, geography, science and culture of food. The series will culminate with the Feast of Ideas, an evening of learning, making and eating where guests will engage in a food and cookery workshop before enjoying a dinner.

The series forms part of the Biodiversity Project at Regent’s Place, a programme of events throughout June focusing on sustainability and encouraging conversations on supporting London’s ecosystem.

Taking place on Friday 8th June from 6pm to 7pm, the Feast of Ideas will be an interactive and multi-sensory experience. A curated table filled with local and seasonal ingredients, handcrafted utensils and glassware will be the focal point of the event.

Attendees will explore a diverse and colourful selection of remarkable foods including peppers, wild herbs, extraordinary spices, salts, honey and pulses.

Using discussion, taste, smell and touch, guests will discover new flavour combinations as they consider the cultural stories of each ingredient. The group will then enjoy a feast comprising an array of meze dishes they have prepared themselves.                                                   

The Anthropologists of Eating series will also include a workshop on British grown herbs, where participants will make medicinal and culinary teas, drinks and pesto; and a talk on urban seeds, contemplating the vital role of cities in the sustainable and ethical future of food seeds.

Sessions will take place at the Old Diorama Arts Centre, a creative community space located on British Land’s Regent’s Place campus, and at Storey, British Land’s flexible workspace brand.

Regent’s Place is dedicated to supporting programmes which promote sustainability. The Biodiversity Project runs until the end of June and includes weekly wildlife walks around campus and Regent’s Park, exclusive lunchtime tours of the Royal College of Physicians medicinal garden, and a plant giveaway for local residents and workers.

Spaces for the Feast of Ideas are limited and Regent’s Place will be running an open ballot for the event. For the chance to win tickets, please email

[email protected] to register, including your name and the name and email address of your guest. Attendees will be chosen at random and notified directly ahead of the event.

Spaces on all other events in the Anthropologists of Eating series are on a first come, first served basis. Reserve a place by emailing [email protected], or for more information visit

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