From Monday 17th – Friday 21st January, the brand will be offering 25% off all products from its online marketplace or ‘Agora’, which sells  authentic Greek produce, ingredients and store cupboard staples.

The Real Greek, online marketplace, or ‘Agora’, sells authentic Greek produce, ingredients and store cupboard staples for delivery nationwide.

The Real Greek is on a mission to become the foremost provider of quality Greek produce, products and foodstuffs to home cooks across Britain.

Its website makes sure that anyone can get hold of the delicious ingredients that are found in its restaurants, ones traditionally hard to come by in the average English supermarket.

The Agora sells food cupboard staples, like oils, pulses, coffee, and fresh and chilled products, including cheese and yoghurt and a large selection of drinks, from traditional Greek wines and spirits to beer and cider.

From Grecian essentials, like Olive Oil and Pine Honey, to specialist Aegean delights, including Feta Cheese, Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and Greek Coffee, all produce is imported directly from Greece and sourced from the country’s finest suppliers and farmers.

Highlights include:

  • Epiros Feta PDO (£2.35). The Feta supplied by Epiros is among the most highly regarded in the world, and has been awarded a Protected Designation of Origin, signifying that they are produced to a high standard using traditional methods.
  • Latzimas Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO (£5.00) also has protected status. It is produced from olives growing in the area of North Mylopotamos, an area which has all the necessary conditions to create one of the best olive oils in the world. Its pure green colour, rich aroma and mellow taste make this olive oil a unique experience.
  • Dolmades (£2.30) are stuffed vine leaves; cooked with a fantastic blend of Greek rice mixed with onions, parsley and dill, then stir fried with vegetable oil, topped with lemon juice and hand rolled in fresh, tender Cretan vine leaves.
  • The Real Greek Wines (£10.00 – £15.50) will all be available to order. A rich variety of red and white wines hailing from across Greece and the Aegean Islands, these are easy drinking and pair perfectly with any Greek dish. For example, the Ellinas Red has been specially bottled in Thessaloniki for The Real Greek, and features inviting ripe berry fruit aromas.

Delivery is nationwide (UK Mainland only), so whatever the location, it’s easy to get your Greek fix.