High above Regent Street, Aqua Nueva has come up with something very different for Sherry Week.

Honouring the signature tipple of Southern Spain, Head Bartender Nico’s  Sherry Week creations compliment aqua nueva’s Autumn menu, celebrating the seasonal produce of Spain.

The Sherry Squid Ink Cocktail served with a Squid Ink Lollipop is the perfect aperitif alongside the award winning black seafood croquetas and the Autumn Cocktail, featuring dry sherry, pomegranate syrup, elderflower cordial, lemon juice and Campari, is a perfect pallet cleanser after a seafood starter of before a main. 

Watching Nico prepare the drink is an education in how a pro bartender, ‘I’d prefer not to be called a Mixologist, it sounds a bit clinical’ goes about his business.

And the drink is served precisely at the time those croquettes come out. They are superb, and the lolly is a lot of fun nibbled between sips of a drink that is remarkably refreshing.

Sweet, sharp, astringent and with a hint of almonds that makes me think of Christmas Pudding.And Nico tells me the drink and tapas  is already so popular they’re probably going to keep it on the menu indefinitely.

Which is good news for everyone, except perhaps squids.


5th Floor

240 Regent Street (Entrance 30 Argyll Street)
London, UK W1B 3BR